Perfectly Customized, Result-Driven Writing

WSlide1Motivate your audience with a tailored message that delivers results. 

Whether your message needs to be 280 characters, screens, pages, or minutes long, Dwight brings your message from initial concept to finished product and gets it in front of your target market.  He is a third-generation writer with a 35-year track record of communication success in internet, print, radio, television, video, and live presentation communication:

  • Writing and producing persuasive communication programs that increase comprehension, eliminate barriers, and advance shared values
  • Translating technical and complex information into simple, user-friendly content that improves understanding and retention
  • Customizing every message to ensure it outperforms competing messages, and motivates the intended audience to action
  • Developing web sites, elevator speeches, line cards, newsletters, press releases, feature articles, sales presentations, training content, ads, brochures, and marketing campaigns

DJlogo copyOne of my favorite writing assignments was for Edison Plastics.  They had a major trade show coming up and senior management rejected the new sales-brochure copy just before going to press. The sales manager contacted me late in the afternoon asking if there was any way I could completely rewrite the brochure by the next day. I did. The content was approved with minor changes and the brochure delivered in time for the trade show.

I have the honor of writing for manufacturers, small and local businesses, and major insurance and financial services firms.  I even wrote the text for Merrill Lynch’s first website.  ~D.Johnson

Dwight develops content for every type of media.  Press releases, feature articles, sales presentations, ads, brochures, marketing campaigns, and instructional videos—he creates it all.  In fact, he’s so dedicated to the success of your message that he’ll review content you’ve developed for as little as $20. 

DJ is  a click away!

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