Why I’m uniquely qualified for this role

I am uniquely qualified for the role of Project Manager for the following five reasons:

  1. I ran my own marketing and communications firm for 20 years before being hired by a client to develop and manage environmental health, disaster recovery, and mitigation programs for federal government agencies.
  2. I have developed a proprietary approach to marketing and communication which addresses thirty (30) critical questions when developing any crafted marketing message. I’ve achieved tremendous results with this approach to communication, increasing product/service recognition, improving service levels, and reducing project costs. (see blog on Journalistic Approach to Marketing)
  3. I manage projects and client experience with equal ease.  I routinely find the right balance between client needs and their budgets, talents, and resources.
  4. I am a creative thinker, combining my public relations and marketing experiences with my personal creative talents to look at projects and relationships with a fresh and balanced perspective.
  5. I am very competent in the software needed to manage a wide range of projects; including Adobe, Pro Tools, Corel, IBM Kenexa, and Microsoft products.


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