Diversified Portfolio

PSlide6Get the portfolio.  Judge for yourself.

Email Dwight using the contact form at the bottom of this page and ask for a free PDF copy of his portfolio.  He’ll email you some of his favorite projects, created for Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, AT&T, FEMA, Marque Homes, W&A, Edison Plastics, Protective Life, the SIA, and many other businesses both large and small.  He’ll also include work developed for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in his position as Director of Distance Learning and Technology at Wightman & Associates.

Dwight’s portfolio includes the following industries:

Manufacturing:  Dwight is a proven public relations and marketing success in many industries: pollution control, metal stamping, lighting, plastic films, and construction.  He has managed public relations campaigns, new product launches, trade show events, plant tours, and sales, marketing, and special event materials.

Financial Services:  Dwight has done an enormous amount of work for financial services firms including Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, and the Securities Industry Association.  In fact, he worked for Merrill Lynch as a marketing manager before moving to Virginia from New Jersey and staring Arlan, Inc.  Merrill Lynch was his first client.  He started with one product area and soon expanded that business to include projects for eight product areas.  As people left Merrill Lynch and moved on to other places such as Dean Witter and Morgan Stanley, they took Dwight along, having him write newsletters, brochures, seminars, ads, articles, and job aids.

Government Agencies:  Dwight has been working on government training and informational projects for over 20 years, both independently and as the Director of Distance Learning and Instructional Technology for Wightman & Associates.  His projects have included training content, instructor guides, student manuals, job aids, PowerPoint presentations, brochures, posters, and operating procedures.  Dwight has developed online and instructor-led courses for the CDC and FEMA, including all the hazard mitigation online training for flood, hurricane, tornado, wildfire, and earthquake natural disasters.

Local Business:  Dwight has helped scores of small and local businesses with marketing and public relations.  He’s designed corporate logos, websites, advertising, newsletters, television commercials and other materials to give the small business a big impact.

Get proof.  Contact Dwight using the form below.  Tell him what your need and he’ll send you samples of relevant work from his portfolio.  DJ is  a click away!

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