Opinion-Changing Public Relations and Marketing

PRSlide2Get the right message to the right audience!

Dwight has developed a proprietary Journalistic P.R./Marketing Approach that ensure public-relations and marketing efforts reach the right audience with the perfect message, delivered in the most effective manner, by the most trusted spokesperson.  Dwight is known for:

  • Driving diverse marketing and public-relations programs that influence opinions, set agendas, and share solutions and successes
  • Directing staff, agencies, task forces, and production facilities to achieve shared public relations and marketing objectives
  • Coordinating management, sales, legal, and working teams to protect organizational interests
  • Developing press kits, news releases, marketing materials, trade show presentations, speeches, plant tours, and special events

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One of my favorite clients is a local home builder who came to me asking if I could write and produce a quarterly newsletter about his company, his homes, and his remodeling services.  While working on this project, I quickly realized that none of his marketing efforts were integrated.  His website looked nothing like his print ads; his construction trucks had different logo than his web site. I developed an entirely new look for the firm:  new logo, web site, ads, truck graphics, press kit, and television commercials. ~D.Johnson

Dwight began his career at a small industrial public-relations firm in New Jersey  in the 1980s, established his own marketing and public relations firm  in 1995, and has been actively involved in marketing and public relations throughout his career.  Dwight is so dedicated to the success of your message that he’ll review content you’ve developed for as little as $20.

Inspire your audience with a directed message that moves markets and changes minds.  DJ is  a click away!

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