My Purpose: Memorable Messages

You (or your client) have a great product or service.  And, yet you have a problem. Specifically, you have a communication problem.   Every business has one.  A message is getting lost or forgotten. Some audience does not understand what you need them to understand.  That audience may be your clients or customers, new markets, employees, a board of directors, the general public,  vendors and suppliers, or government regulators. Someone is not getting your message.

Is your message memorable? Maybe your message is too focused on your point of view. You are communicating what YOU want your audience to know. You’ve forgotten to tell them what THEY want to know.  Or maybe your message is getting forgotten in a sea of similar messages. Markets are too saturated, there is too much competition, and there are too many alternatives to what you’re offering your audience. Too many voices are saying the same thing.

You have to convince people to CHOOSE your option over ALL their other options.  To do that, they have to remember your message; remember why your product is different; remember why your plan is better; Remember why your idea is worth their endorsement.

You do that by fixing your communication problem and by getting your message through the clutter.  How?  You can search Google and YouTube for answers, you can become a better communicator by using the tips and strategies on my blog page, or you can ask me to help.  DJ is a click away!



Motivate your audience with a tailored message that delivers results. 

Whether your message is measured in characters, screens, pages, or minutes—whether it is being delivered via the internet, print, radio, television, video, or live presentation—keep the following key points in mind as you craft your presentation:

  • Write with the goal of increasing comprehension, eliminating barriers, and advancing shared values.
  • Translate technical and complex information into simple, user-friendly content that improves understanding and retention.
  • Customize every message to ensure it outperforms competing messages, and motivates your intended audience to action.
  • Reinforce your message as needed through websites, elevator speeches, line cards, newsletters, press releases, feature articles, sales presentations, training content, ads, brochures, and marketing campaigns.

Can’t do it all yourself?  Check out my blog for advice.  Or contact me.  I develop content for every type of media—press releases, feature articles, sales presentations, ads, brochures, marketing campaigns, and instructional videos.  DJ is a click away!

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One of the biggest “Thank you” I’ve ever received was from Edison Plastics.  They had a major trade show coming up and senior management rejected the new sales brochure copy just before going to press—the message was wrong, the explanations were poor. The sales manager contacted me late in the afternoon asking if there was any way I could completely rewrite the brochure by the next day. I did. The content was approved and the brochure delivered in time for the trade show. ~D.Johnson


Get the right message to the right audience!

When delivering your message, you need to ensure you’re reaching the right audience with the perfect message, delivered in the most effective manner, by the most trusted spokesperson.  This is true for any messaging goal:

  • Driving diverse marketing and public-relations programs that influence opinions, set agendas, and share solutions and successes.
  • Directing staff, agencies, task forces, and production facilities to achieve shared objectives.
  • Coordinating management, sales, legal, and working teams to protect organizational interests.
  • Developing press kits, news releases, marketing materials, trade show presentations, speeches, plant tours, and special events to support messaging objectives.

Inspire your audience with a directed message that moves markets and changes minds.  Need help?  Check out my blog for advice.  Or contact me.   DJ is a click away!

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One of my most interesting projects was the Environmental Health Training in Emergency Response (EHTER) awareness course. This course was developed for FEMA and the CDC to train Environmental Health Responders on the hazards and risks during hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and wildfires.  This web-based training covers topics both routine and fascinating:  Environmental Health • Safety and Health • Safe Water • Food Safety • Waste Water • Building Assessment Teams • Vectors and Pests • Solid Waste and Debris • Shelter Assessments • Radiation  ~D.Johnson

Make every message memorable. 

I’ve spent my career meeting the communications needs of small businesses, government agencies, charitable organizations, and volunteer groups.  I strive to make every message memorable.  My creative writing, artistic eye, and content-development expertise have afforded me success in every medium: internet, print, radio, television, video, and live presentations. Currently, I am:

  • Proprietor of a successful editorial services firm that has served Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, the SIA, and smaller construction and emerging businesses for over 20 years.
  • Partner and Training-Project Manager of The Dadoly Group, serving Dell, Prudential, Sodexo, International Biophysics, Texas CASA as well as several smaller companies nationwide.  Prior to joining Enspire, I served as Director of Distance Learning and Instructional Technology at Wightman & Associates, LLC  working with FEMA, the FAA,  the CDC, and Catholic Charities USA.
  • Founder of Virginia Nonprofit Strategic Outreach Services, providing outreach and communication services to area nonprofits with messaging needs. I established this service while serving on the Board of Directors for the United Way, (Staunton, Augusta County, Waynesboro, VA), and the Board of Directors for the Volunteer Services Council of Western State Hospital.

Need a memorable message for an agency, business, or non-profit project? DJ is a click away!

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 My reputation is built on the ability to translate complex and technical product-and-service information into simple yet compelling, sales, marketing, and educational programs.  I have planned, developed, and managed advertising, marketing, and promotional programs; independent study and video training; and website content and design.  Most importantly, I bring a creative eye and an engaging twist to every project I develop.   ~ D.Johnson


Client Kudos

  • “I read the first draft [of the] exercise and it’s fabulous. This is very cool, Dwight! You have caught on in a microsecond!”
  • “Without [your] excellent management capabilities and knack for taking care of details, this project would not be the success it is.”
  • “AWESOME!!! Hope we can invite you back. In many of the program evaluations, participants mentioned your presentation as one of the key strengths of the program.”
  • “Thank you very much for your effort in preparing the presentation. There was such a short time available; it required extra effort on your part. Thanks!”
  • “Thank you for the great job you did… Thank you for the time and attention you gave the program.”
  • “The [project] is wonderful! It is starting to get into circulation and [we’ve gotten]  really positive comments.”

Need someone as dedicated to your mission as you are?  DJ is a click away!


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