About You

You have a great product or service. You have good customers and clients. You have competent and dedicated employees.  And, yet you have a problem. More specifically, you have a communication problem.   Every business does.

A message is getting lost. Some audience does not understand what you need them to understand.  That audience may be your clients or customers, new markets, your employees, your board of directors, the general public, your vendors and suppliers, or government regulators. Someone is not getting your message.


Maybe your message is too focused on your point view. You are communicating what YOU want your audience to know. You’ve forgotten to tell them what THEY want to know.  Or maybe your message is getting lost in a sea of messages. Markets are too saturated, there is too much competition, and there are too many alternatives to what you’re offering your audience. Too many companies are saying the same thing.

You have to convince people to CHOOSE your option over ALL their other options.  Dwight gets people to want. To want your product. To want your service. To want to follow your plan. To want to adopt your process. He does that by fixing your communication problem and by getting your message through the clutter.

Don’t be cute; be convincing. Don’t shock; communicate.  Contact Dwight.

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