86 Action Words to Make Your Message Memorable

Nothing makes a stronger statement than action verbs.  The next time you are writing anything — a resume, a speech, a brochure, a publicity article, a letter, or a video script—use active tense as often as possible.  Consider the following verbs the next time you put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard):

Administer, Adopt, Advise, Analyze, Anticipate, Appraise, Approve, Arrange, Assemble, Assign, Assume, Assure, Authorize, Calculate, Circulate, Clear, Collaborate, Collect, Compile, Concur, Conduct, Confer, Consolidate, Consult, Control, Coordinate, Correlate, Correspond, Delegate, Design, Determine, Develop, Devise, Direct, Discuss, Dispose, Disseminate, Distribute, Draft, Ensure, Establish, Estimate, Evaluate, Execute, Exercise, Formulate, Furnish, Implement, Improve, Initiate, Inspect, Interpret, Investigate, Issue, Maintain, Monitor, Negotiate, Notify, Operate, Participate, Perform, Place, Plan, Practice, Prepare, Proceed, Process, Propose, Provide, Recommend, Represent, Report, Research, Review, Revise, Schedule, Secure, Select, Sign, Specify, Stimulate, Submit, Supervise, Train, Transcribe, Verify.

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