24-checkpoints for Any Memorable Message

Get your red pen ready.  Here are 24 checkpoints to make any message more memorable.

  1. Does the message come across clearly and directly in the headline?
  2. Does the message come across clearly and directly in the lead sentence?
  3. Are there memorable subheads?
  4. Is there at least one subhead per page of content?
  5. Without reading the copy at all, do the headlines and subheads deliver the main message?
  6. Does the content deliver the message promised in the headline and lead sentence?
  7. Is any client, product, or program mentioned inescapably on the first page?
  8. Are sentences short, active, and readable?
  9. Does the content address a need?
  10. Does the content reward the reader?
  11. Does the writing move the reader forward?
  12. Is the content well organized?
  13. Is the content factual, accurate, specific and well documented?
  14. Is the content grammatically correct?
  15. Is the content free of excess commercialism?
  16. Is there a specific call to action?
  17. Does the content motivate the reader to that action?
  18. Are all dimensions, units, and abbreviations explained and used consistently?
  19. Are there any illustrations? (There should be)
  20. Do the illustrations directly highlight the content’s main points?
  21. Are there captions on illustrations? (There should be)
  22. Do the captions accurately describe the graphic?
  23. Does every graphic and caption stand on its own?
  24. Is more information available through any point of contact or other resource?

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