Working with Constant Change

web authoringNothing stays the same in our industry.  Fortunately, we find working in new environments exciting.  Most recently FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute  employed a new learning content management system (LCMS) that is revolutionizing how we’re doing business at Wightman & Associates.

As the Director of Distance Learning and Instructional Technology, I have had privilege of leading our course-development team in the transition to this new system.  The change in systems required a change in our design process, our work procedures, even our job functions.  We created new policies, new course-design blueprints, and even wrote our own manual for working within the LCMS.

We just successfully completed our first two courses developed in this LCMS—on budget and ahead of schedule.  Along the way, we honed our development techniques, created proprietary methods for working within the LCMS, and even identified a few system bugs and helped in their resolution.

It’s been an exciting change, and one that positions our company at the forefront of our ever-changing industry.  Kudos to my team and their immediate embrace of this innovation.

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