Micro Messaging

micromesTwitter is replacing newspapers. YouTube is replacing TV. Sound bites are replacing political speeches. Viral videos are replacing water-cooler conversations. Are your business communications keeping up with shortening spans of attention? Below are 10 questions you should be asking.  See if you can answer them all in 60 seconds.

  1. How lengthy are our employee policy handbook, procedures documents, and manuals?
  2. Are our brochures and sales tools short, concise, direct, and effective?
  3. Is our website engaging, interactive, and user friendly?
  4. Do we use social media effectively?
  5. How long are the articles in our employee newsletter?
  6. When was the last time we surveyed employees on their understanding of our business model, plans, and communications?
  7. Do we communicate in small, easily-understood information segments?
  8. Are our speeches, press releases, and videos targeted and professional; short, and engaging?
  9. Are we communicating what our audience needs to hear, or just what we want to say?
  10. How can we best take advantage of the trend to segmented communications and training?

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