Presenting Blended-Learning at National NEHA Annual Education Conference

NEHAI recently presented at the 79th Annual Education Conference for the National Environmental Health Association. The three-day conference is the premiere event for environmental health professionals to acquire practical and real-world information and expertise.

This year’s educational sessions highlighted innovations in approaches, partnerships, research, and technology as well as evidence-based practices with proven track records.

I presented as the Director of Distance Learning and Instructional Technology for Wightman & Associates, and presented alongside the company’s president, Gina Wightman. We delivered a one-hour presentation in the conference’s main lecture hall discussing new innovations in blended learning to deliver “Environmental Health Training in Emergency Response” instruction.   The approach we designed improves learning experiences, enables hands-on practice of important skills, and introduces learners to simulated disaster environments in ways unobtainable in traditional classroom training.

During the presentation, we presented the planning, design, development, and the implementation of each key learning experience. These experiences include:

  • Self-paced independent study
  • Classroom lecture
  • Demonstration of important skills and tasks
  • Practice in simulated disaster environments
  • Instructional Feedback
  • Skills testing and examination

We had an excellent audience. Many people had taken the original classroom version of the environmental health training and were excited to hear about the new innovations and opportunities we developed.

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