Yes, a Full Copy Review for $20

20 Point Review. 20 minutes. $20!

Dwight has developed a pretty slick text analyzer that can improve any content you’ve developed. It reviews client-generated content against a proprietary 20-point checklist for good copy.  It takes 20 minutes, costs only $20; and you’ll get an automated report with specific steps you can take to improve your content. Any content. Any length!  Please keep in mind, this is NOT an editing service. Nor is it a proofreading service. It’s just an analysis of your current content and recommendations for how you can improve your own work.

Need More Than A Review? Try a $50 Fix!

Sometimes knowing how to improve your content isn’t enough.  You need someone to actually think through and make the changes.  That can cost as little as $50.  Long or technically complex content may cost a little more, but you’ll get fixed price before any work is started.  Your content will get a thorough once over, including notes and suggestions, content edits, grammar improvements, and spelling corrections.  Once the content is back in your hands, you can choose which suggestions and corrections to implement.

Need a Content Collaborator?  Schedule an In-Person Consultation!

Let’s sit down at your office and talk about exactly what you need–exactly who your audience is, what you want to convey to them, what you need them to do or understand.  Let’s get it all down on paper, and then review your content.  Make your next presentation perfect.  Startle your sales team.  Impress your investors.  Mystify your marketing department.

Want it all?  DJ is  a click away!

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